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Ben Simmons drilling threes in pickup.



[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant iamnotkobe 95 points 22 hours ago

Waiting for his first made 3 in NBA this season, a.k.a the post that could challenge r/nba top post of All-time


[–]RoboticusTartonicus 3 points 21 hours ago

defender: i aint guarding no damn ben simmons three

*simmons swishes three*

defender: *surprised pikachu face*




[–]Jazz musicnothing 397 points 23 hours ago

Hey these are actually contested threes too.

If this can translate to actual games the east is screwed.



[–][CHI] Lauri Markkanen chitownbulls92 224 points 22 hours ago

The form looks really weird but if it works, it works


[–]Slobbin 26 points 22 hours ago

Holy shit that combination of size and lateral quickness is disgusting


[–][CHI] Derrick Rose jeric13xd 24 points 23 hours ago

The stepbacks look decent too. Got his feet set everytime


[–]76ers RealPrinceJay 15 points 21 hours ago

Ben's got really good body control which I think helps him do things like that better than a shooter of his quality normally would be able to.

If he was just raised with good mechanics... man



[–]76ers eagereyez 8 points 19 hours ago

Weird that his shot is so messed considering he has a father who played professional ball and was surrounded by trainers all his life.


[–]Knicks Moses_Couldnt_Swim 50 points 21 hours ago

he shoots like a natural born righty who was told he was a lefty and taught himself how to do it that way


[–]Spurs LaDeMarcusAldrozen 66 points 22 hours ago

Yeah something about it is off


[–][CHI] Lauri Markkanen chitownbulls92 5 points 18 hours ago

Seriously, who the hell told him to start using his left hand to shoot ....


[–]76ers forthestreamz 10 points 13 hours ago

his dad


[–]pookachu123 52 points 21 hours ago

His form is still horrible his elbow is out and he has a weird hitch so he puts spin on the ball but again if it translates to 32%+ 3 pt shooting no one cares


[–]timski9000 74 points 21 hours ago

Let’s start with like 25% for ol Ben


[–]pookachu123 10 points 21 hours ago

true lol but they'll still sag off him if he shoots 25%


[–]kron_00 8 points 21 hours ago

If he's shooting 25% in game and they sag off him, he will eventually practice enough to shoot 30%. That's when teams are forced to guard him and it gets difficult for him from there.


[–]Pelicans zacree 28 points 21 hours ago

Lol what the gosh dang heck are you talking about? Ben Simmons is begging for people to come meet him at the 3pt line. If he can shoot 30% from 3 without losing any of his current game, he's a serious problem for any team.


[–]Magic Byrie_Swirving 10 points 21 hours ago

Siakam shot 37% this season and was still left open in the corner during the playoffs


[–]76ers dWaldizzle 14 points 20 hours ago

He was only closed down in the one corner where he shot his best at. The rest of the perimeter they just left him and he bricked like crazy lol.


[–]Raptors royst15 7 points 20 hours ago

I'm used to hating all teams the raptors play in the playoffs, so it feels weird actually rooting for him to find his shot. Strange feeling probably linked to actually winning the whole damn thing.

The sixers played the raps so well and watching him struggle offensively and get destroyed in the media must've been tough for 6ers fans. I actually hope he does well and they come out of the east (assuming the raptors don't, of course). Also will be fun seeing a different playstyle with just pure size, instead of just 3 point shooting.




[–]Lakers BlueGarage[S] 13 points 23 hours ago

His form looking better too


[–]Cavaliers StKd0t 30 points 22 hours ago

y'all for real lol


[–]76ers SteelxSaint 6 points 17 hours ago

It's definitely better. It's easy to tell when you've seen all of his games homie.



[–]exitingtheVC 14 points 22 hours ago

They weren't NBA threes though.


[–]Lakers Kassa33 16 points 21 hours ago

Maybe I’m just really tired right now but I only saw 1 actual NBA three.


[–][MEM] Zach Randolph toxicdick 17 points 19 hours ago

that's more than he's made in the nba so far


[–]Celtics a tomictyler 14 points 23 hours ago

Some incredibly lightly contested shots. I think one of them a dude actually tried for real.

It's still impressive he's hitting a pull up three though.



[–][PHI] Eric Snow gustriandos 31 points 23 hours ago

I wish it wasn't so damn ugly


[–]Saltwooder 130 points 23 hours ago

Said yo momma when you were born


[–]Jazz MikePaulCarr 273 points 22 hours ago

I will always be convinced that he is shooting with the wrong hand. Good for him if it becomes consistent


[–]XVDub 77 points 21 hours ago

Seriously, how the ball ends up coming off his left hand every time is mind boggling. He has to rotate both elbows after he's brought the ball up but before he releases it. Probably why it's such a slow relelase.


[–]76ers GuitarLord12 6 points 16 hours ago

i'm not an expert but i know that form is wack. Shooting hand must be straight not wonky like that. Idk why he feels shooting like that is the right way to go


[–]Spurs PhreedomFryer 8 points 13 hours ago

If he is shooting with wrong hand, he has probably has the most impressive shot i've ever seen someone take with the wrong hand.


[–]Trail Blazers puffpuffpastor 826 points 21 hours ago*

I'm a Simmons fan and also don't think you have to have perfect form to be a great shooter so I'm hoping it all works out and he gets a solid jump shot... But it's pretty funny how his arms and release point are basically set up perfect if he was shooting right handed when he's actually shooting left lmao. All he'd have to do is change his hand position and shoot righty and people would be like damn his form looks pretty solid


[–]Wild Yams 368 points 20 hours ago

He's also clearly shooting college threes, not NBA ones, and we're only seeing the makes.


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki Millionaire007 71 points 19 hours ago

That's how they sold people on the lonzo hype train


[–]Hornets Kaminsky_For_MVP 118 points 19 hours ago

Except Lonzo shot well in college


[–]Trail Blazers _Quetzalcoatlus_ 80 points 19 hours ago

Lonzo shot well on a very small sample of threes, while shooting awful from the line and mid-range. He also had to shoot from really deep because he can't hit even lightly contested jumpers because of his horrendous form.

His percentage from three was good, but he basically had every other possible red flag that he wouldn't be a good shooter.


[–]Cavaliers lebron_games 15 points 19 hours ago

he also can't shoot without fading away


[–]Spurs LordChuKKleZ 28 points 19 hours ago

Like lebron


[–]joprocess 33 points 18 hours ago

Funnily enough, lebron also shoots with his non dominant hand


[–]NBA WakandaFist 18 points 19 hours ago

He's ambidextrous and I think that's probably the source of his poor feel on form


[–]Celtics teh_noob 49 points 18 hours ago

he's cross-dominant

if he were genuinely ambidextrous it wouldn't be a problem



[–]Pelicans TheNicerDiceSlicer 7 points 20 hours ago

Even if he took 30 jumpers in the game, which I doubt, he was still like 10/30.


[–][PHI] T.J. McConnellmahdingaling 222 points 20 hours ago

Obviously we all know he’s missing some, just the fact that he’s shooting them and looking confident doing it is bringing joyful tears to my eyes


[–]Warriors -PM_ME_NBA_MEMES- 14 points 23 hours ago

He's shooting much more like an actual lefty now, not perfect but at least he's not starting with his right foot forward as much



[–][NYK] Eddy Curry JohnDurst 3 points 16 hours ago

I don’t see him shooting over average or within a couple percent of average, but if he actually starts to shoot open shots it’ll totally change his game.

People were literally sitting in the fucken paint in the playoffs when he had the ball at the top of the key lol, I haven’t seen that since early Rondo



[–]76ers buttyprofessor 11 points 22 hours ago

The 3s will come in time. It's those mid range fadeaways I'm hyped about for this season.


[–]Spurs krsaxor 76 points 23 hours ago

If he develops his three, damn, he would be nasty.


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 6 points 23 hours ago

Once he gets comfortable shooting them in game the Sixers will be even heavier favorites, him and Joel would fit a lot better too with even just that little bit of extra spacing from Ben


[–]Warriors galiji 4 points 22 hours ago

That is it guys. It is a wrap. Ben Simmons is my vote for MVP, FMVP, and MIP. Philly is going to win the chip.


[–][LAL] Shaquille O'Neal SolarBeam12 57 points 23 hours ago

Ben Simmons is a top 10 player if he gets at least an average jumper.


[–]ccRich_11 51 points 22 hours ago

He’s already top 15


[–]thatbrownkid1616 49 points 20 hours ago

top 15 ? come on now, thats a strech lol


[–]Raptors HedonCalculator 18 points 22 hours ago

Did we watch the same playoffs for the last 2 years? You can't be top 15 and get completely dismantled in the most important games of the year where everyone actually tries their best.


[–]NBA WakandaFist 17 points 20 hours ago

LeBron, Steph, Kawhi, AD, Harden, Giannis, Embiid, Kyrie, Jokic, George, Lillard, Blake, Kemba, CJ, Butler.

This isn't even counting KD, Klay, or Wall when healthy.

U could argue Westbrook, CP3, and Beal too.

Which one of those guys is he supposed to be over rn?.





[–]Booby_McTitties 18 points 18 hours ago

Of course Westbrook is above Simmons right now.


[–]76ers BandwagonThatBull_cj 14 points 23 hours ago

We will see when the year starts, hitting shots in a pickup game really doesn’t mean anything to me


[–]76ers IVAN_CLEARY 5 points 14 hours ago

It is time for you to hop off the bandwagon and change your flair


[–]Knicks DRosesTrainConducter 218 points 23 hours ago

This sub has trained me to expect titles like this to be the opposite of what’s happening and that this would be him bricking shots like crazy


[–]HolyAty 117 points 23 hours ago

That's for Lonzo.


[–]Niners 19WinsIn19 140 points 22 hours ago

Lonzo is this Subreddit's version of 50/50.

Lonzo with the deep 3 will either be an airball or him swishing a 30 footer. Nothing in-between.

Lonzo with a sick pass will either be Lonzo nutmegging 4 defenders with a blindfold on or throwing the ball into the 5th row.




[–]TheFacelessMerk 53 points 21 hours ago

Lonzo is so weird though. He can make a really sick play and make it look easy and then a more often occurrence is him out there airballing layups. So you never really know what you are going to get


[–]76ers CptGingeraffe 14 points 20 hours ago

He's a modern day Javale McGee



[–]itsallgood1523 298 points 23 hours ago

Still a really slow release... but there’s been quite a few improvements


[–]joprocess 8 points 22 hours ago

Reminds me of Blake's release. Both shoot on the way down


[–]Raptors tkbchimyjr18 15 points 20 hours ago

His old release tho. He doesn't shoot like that anymore


[–][CLE] Ricky Davis Kid_Kryp-to-nite 107 points 22 hours ago

It's like BroLo slow lol. But they're about the same height and defenses aren't even guarding him anymore on the perimeter so if he can just be a threat that would open up so much for him and his teammates.

Pretty hyped to watch the Sixers next season.



[–][NOP] Jrue Holiday e_a_blair 41 points 19 hours ago

I want to make it very clear I'm not a 76ers fan, or even really particularly rooting for him, and I want to make that clear when I state the following belief of mine: I feel if he can become even just a credible outside threat (30-33%), he almost immediately becomes a top 10 player.


[–]76ers Rockandrollracing 121 points 23 hours ago

Shooting them is a 1,000,000% increase though! I’m so thrilled at this.


[–]Bulls super_sayanything 33 points 22 hours ago

As long as he can hit an open one, will tremendously help the 6ers.


[–]76ers Rockandrollracing 17 points 21 hours ago

Good point. Even if they don’t have to play him too close, if Ben can pull up and hit an open shot they can no longer sag off the way they have.


[–]niceforwat 4 points 20 hours ago

he's not going to be shooting 3's over people... he just needs to be able to hit wide open ones enough for the defense to respect it


[–]IguessthatsAname 11 points 22 hours ago

That jumpshot looks...exactly like Lebrons


[–]mhfy 68 points 21 hours ago

No it doesn’t


[–][ATL] John Collins FalconsHawksBulldogs 25 points 20 hours ago

Lmao I’m not sure how people think that looks like Bron’s form. It’s not even close imo






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