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[Wolstat] Pascal Siakam hit one three-pointer as a rookie, 29 as a sophomore. Nailed five last night. Now hitting 2.5 a game at 39% accuracy.  Absolute nightmare to defend. What a unique story.


Siakam's growth from bad role player, good role player, all star level to now playing mvp caliber ball has been a magical experience for Raptor fans following him throughout the journey.


Has there even been a player who improved his shooting ability significantly EVERY single year? Attempts and percentage alike. I personally thought he peaked last year on 2.7 attempts a game (37%) from a PJ Tucker esque corner shooting only. However, he came this year guns blazing! Pulling up, doing step backs and shooting with defenders draped all over him. All from the top of key which he barely shot from last year.


His shooting numbers: (Attempts from 3)

0.1 on .143%

1.6 on .220%

2.7 on .369%

6.3 on .393%




[–]Jazz michiganfan71 1844 指標 9小時前

Such rapid improvement


[–]76ers IVAN_CLEARY 127 指標 10小時前

Yeah but Ben Simmons shot one 3 against the Knicks so obviously he is the vastly superior player. Right guys? Guys?

Now I’m sad.



[–]Raptors jorvay 110 指標 9小時前

Simmons is shooting 50% from 3 this season. How do you even guard someone like that?


[–]Suns JFZephyr 8 指標 6小時前

Well going from two years ago where most Raptors fans had nightmares over him being given the green light to being such a good shooter already is absolutely crazy.


[–]Heat realudonishaslem 134 指標 8小時前

Who else could be fighting for MIP this year against Siakam? It’d be insane to win that award two years in a row. Amazing.


[–]Heat kingsnap36 5 指標 5小時前

I’m biased but Bam Adebayo has a case


[–]wellfudge 149 指標 8小時前

Wiggins maybe


[–]GuerreroD 77 指標 7小時前

If he can keep it up all season long he'd be the MIP no doubt. The narrative alone would do it.


[–]Nets NoHubris 56 指標 5小時前

Ingram even more Imo. More impressive numbers + the whole lakers trade narrative


[–]LemmingPractice 155 指標 8小時前

I think Brandon Ingran is the non-Siakam front runner, while Jaylen Brown and Damontas Sabonis also are contenders.


[–]Pacers Drak_is_Right 26 指標 5小時前*

if in doubt, pick a pacers or magic player to win MIP.

we have had jermaine o'neal, paul george, danny granger, and victor oladipo in the past 2 decades.

granted, sabonis unless he is like at 22 ppg 13rb imo wouldn't have made a big enough leap compared to what luka or pascal have done.




[–]Hornets Kragus 95 指標 7小時前

Devonte Graham went from fringe NBA player averaging 4.7 pts and 2.6 assists to a borderline All-Star who is averaging 18ppg and 7.5 assists on 33 minutes.


[–]Raptors IWantRaceCar 53 指標 7小時前

Second year players are de facto ineligible


[–]Bucks thisishorsepoop 32 指標 7小時前

I think it's kind of a myth that 2nd year players can't win it. Arenas won in 02-03 and Ellis won in 06-07. Devonte Graham has two things in common with them: being a 2nd round pick, and going from fringe-rotation player to borderline All-Star.

雄鹿球迷:我觉得第二年不能拿这个奖的说法有点迷。阿里纳斯02/03赛季就拿了, 蒙塔-埃利斯06/07赛季拿了。德文特-格拉汉姆与他俩有两个共同点:都是2轮秀,都是从边缘轮换打到全明星边缘。

[–]FlyByFalcon 22 指標 8小時前

The improvement isn't by leaps and bounds, but Luka has definitely taken his game to the next level, as well.


[–]Raptors Actual_murderer 20 指標 8小時前

MIP shouldn’t go to top lottery picks in their sophomore year that’s not the intention of the award


[–]4trackboy 37 指標 8小時前

Luka made a huge leap though. He's playing on a Top 5 level right now and, imo, it's harder to reach the highest level of play compared to becoming just a Superstar level/All NBA-type contributor. I know it sounds ridiculous and Siakam is having an insane season, but Luka's jump is more impressive in my opinion. He's playing historically good right now and while we expected him to improve his game and become a good All-Star this year, we didn't expect Doncic to play like a real MVP and having an all-time great season. He won't get MIP because he has a real chance at the MVP maybe? He should most definetly be in the race though


[–]Raptors Naronu 44 指標 8小時前

Luka won't win MIP because he's in his sophomore season, but he's definitely in the MVP race.



[–]Raptors Aceito107 1055 指標 9小時前

Idk if anyone knows this but credit to Pascal and his work ethic for this one. Nick Nurse yesterday was on a Toronto sports radio show and he said the development for his shot started with assigning him with 450 shots after practice to develop his form and mechanics. Apparently, Pascal would go the extra mile and take 900 shots by the end of it all and it's paying off.


[–]Notoriously dishonest 764 指標 9小時前*

I like the theory that his lack of basketball experience actually helped him as a shooter.

Most guys make it to the NBA with bad habits which have already been committed to muscle memory by thousands and thousands of repetitions. The reason guys like Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball can't just fix their shot is that they've been practicing with bad form since they were kids.

Siakam arrived in the US as a blank slate- tall, athletic, hard-working and coachable. It's way easier to teach good form than it is to fix bad form.




[–]Raptors kayembeee 418 指標 9小時前

He also started off as a soccer player, and quite a good one from what I understand, which is why he has such deadly quick footwork.

But yes it certainly also helped that he didn’t have terribly ingrained bad habits coming into the league.



[–]Raptors FoE_Archer 255 指標 8小時前

Playing Soccer probably also has helped him have an elite motor as well


[–]Cassandra_Nova 274 指標 7小時前

Steves, both Nash and Kerr, say that every young kid who wants to make the NBA should start with soccer.


[–][TOR] DeMar DeRozan Matthew-of-Ostia 29 指標 7小時前

Or they could simply start with good basketball coaches who impose ballsharing and teamwork over hero-ball.


[–]Cassandra_Nova 98 指標 7小時前

That doesn't teach footwork


[–]Bulls CrabLegsWinston1 22 指標 6小時前

So you’re telling me soccer is the only way you can practice footwork


[–]Raptors DarkVoidize 20 指標 6小時前



[–]slowbaja 33 指標 6小時前

Ty Lawson also credited his footwork when he used to play soccer. Soccer has always been an afterthought or springboard sport for the US best male athletes.


[–]Pistons Found_my_username 12 指標 5小時前

Through high school I was part of a pretty competitive soccer program, and whenever my soccer teammates and I would go play pickup with our friends on the basketball team, it would be pretty easy to fit in and even outplay the basketball players if our shot was falling. My conditioning at the end of season of soccer was wayyyy far past any basketball players.



[–]Raptors Source10 243 指標 9小時前

Winning a championship for hard-working, young guys like Siakam and VanVleet can actually mean so much. It's like a validation that your hard work can pay off at the highest level, and with Kawhi leaving it gives them the motivation to not slack off and go at it again.


[–]NBA xbyo 19 指標 4小時前

Not just that, but it checks a box and frees them up to aim for a higher goal, winning the chip as the leader(s). Kinda like Kyrie wanting out from Bron's shadow (but Siakam and FVV don't have to leave to get their shot).


[–]Bulls BlackMathNerd 561 指標 9小時前

Jesus Christ this dude got so good.

Knew some shit was up when he shat all on the Warriors in G1 last year.



[–]Raptors Slaphappydap 12 指標 7小時前

When we drafted him, and throughout his first couple of seasons, my friends and I thought he was something between a prospect, useful bench player or eventual trade filler. We thought Poetl was the real asset and would eventually be our starting 4.

I love watching Siakam play, especially now when he puts in on the floor and takes guards to the hoop, but I didn't for a minute see it coming.



[–]Raptors FlameOfWar 227 指標 9小時前

I was never high on Siakam. I thought surely he'll struggle against Isaac. He owned him. I thought he'd struggle against Draymond. He didn't. That's when I knew he's a legit star.


[–]Raptors kayembeee 84 指標 9小時前*

He does have some troubles with Isaac. But the thing is he improves so quickly you see him making changes to his game to combat this. Last game he was making adjustments in-game. Crazy stuff to see him work it out in real time.


[–][TOR] Morris Peterson vincec135 48 指標 8小時前

Tall defenders with length is certainly one of his weaknesses in his game right now, Isaac/Giannis etc. all give him trouble.


[–]Raptors IWantRaceCar 69 指標 7小時前

To be fair, those dudes shut down everyone


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam FrostyTheKnight10[S] 650 指標 7小時前

It really is the best time to be a Raptor fan, with half our young players breaking out at the same time lol. FVV, Siakam, OG, Davis ..


[–]slowbaja 41 指標 6小時前

Boucher showing he ain't a scrub



[–]Raptors jhwyung 13 指標 8小時前

Siakam was such a atrocious shooter. In his 2nd year, he failed to make a 3 for a solid month. And it's not for trying, he attempted 25 shots or 1.7 attempts a game from the wide open corner in December of 2017.

Just goes to show how hard he's worked.

猛龙球迷:西卡以前是个很垃圾的投手,他第二个赛季,一度有一整个月没法进三分。而在17 年12月份,他在底角空位出手三分25次,场均出手1.7次。


[–]Raptors passiveparrot 193 指標 9小時前

pascal also couldn't hit a free throw or finish a lay up in his rookie year lol


[–]Rockets anthony0210lrm 429 指標 10小時前*

Harden-esque growth... He's gonna be a top 5 player in the future easily with his work ethic...


[–]Bucks Jamil_Aziz2 11 指標 8小時前

I agree. Siakam is gonna be a monster in the future. He already is, but he's gonna be insane.


[–]Rockets splanket 23 指標 10小時前

I wouldn’t call it hardenesque at all. Harden in his last year in OKC was already a top 20 player in the league. He just didn’t have the opportunity.


[–]anthegoat 24 指標 9小時前

Siakam is a lock for all nba 2nd if he sustains this for rest of season ( pretty good chance)


[–]Raptors DJFUZZ 102 指標 8小時前

I use to say, hell be another Patrick Patterson. But his ceiling is Draymond green... His rookie year


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam N7Brendan 57 指標 8小時前

I bought into the “Biyombo with an offensive game” draft day comparisons personally


[–]Raptors mioraka 61 指標 7小時前

Those comparisons are always race based bullshit.

You know they made the biyombo comparison because they were both african born late picks playing similar positions.



[–]76ers literallyHakeem 11 指標 6小時前

So you're telling me Luka Doncic isn't the next Kyle Korver?


[–][TOR] OG Anunoby BlackDynamiteFromDa6 3 指標 4小時前

Nah, next Steve Novak






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