【键盘侠】大帝遇小加得分难超15|吊打年年有 何时是尽头?

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Joel Embiid has never scored above 15 points or shot above 40% from the field in a regular season game in which Marc Gasol has played



- 12 points (4/10 FG, 1/4 3PT, 3/4 FT)


- 14 points (4/10 FG, 0/2 3PT, 6/6 FT)

- 15 points (5/13 FG, 0/2 3PT, 5/9 FT)


- 15 points (4/13 FG, 0/2 3PT, 7/8 FT)

- 14 points (4/15 FG, 0/6 3PT, 6/10 FT)

16/17赛季面对小加: 12分(10中4,三分4中1,罚球4中3)



If we extend this to the playoffs, he's scored above 15 points only three four times (below 40% from the field in three of those) and above 40% twice.

Joel Embiid's career scoring lines vs. Marc Gasol: 16.1 PPG, 35.9% FG



[–]76ers _MatisseThybulle 127 指標 12小時前

Here’s the karma you ordered


[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook RichLeopard 10 指標 12小時前

5 games...


[–]Fermats LastAccount 41 指標 12小時前

And he's ignoring the postseason games where he has scored 15 points 4 times.


[–][TOR] Fred VanVleet siakams[S] 4 指標 12小時前

Is there any other player that he's consistently played so poorly against? These games span multiple seasons and multiple teams.


[–]76ers Zedorf91 24 指標 12小時前

No there isn’t. Gasol, Horford, Adams, and Gobert are the only guys that can stop him. Gasol has always been the best of them


[–]76ers phillydoop 896 指標 12小時前

It’s four times in the playoffs. But it really doesn’t matter, Gasol has always given Embiid trouble and I don’t see that changing with the way Toronto guards Embiid.


[–]Raptors Laetha 284 指標 11小時前

The help and double-teams are what really seems to flummox him. We've got absurd length and not a bad defender in our whole rotation. 1-on-1 against Gasol he seems uncomfortable, but when the help comes he seems to want nothing to do with the play.

I think some experience at identifying double-teams early and learning to deal with/pass out of them would really help him deal with Gasol.



[–]76ers phillydoop 156 指標 11小時前

The problem is that his whole setup is slow. He doesn't have a great one dribble move, he needs to more time to setup and the Raptors aren't letting him do that. Not many players can't take away the positioning like Gasol/Horford can. Oddly enough Kanter is also pretty good at it. The other major issue is that Embiid is pretty bad passing out of double teams to begin with.

Gasol takes positioning away from Embiid, won't bite on his fakes (usually) and is smart enough to not get baited into fouls. They should really just run different sets against Gasol but the team needs to learn the regular offense first.



[–]Shay THEKLAW 38 指標 9小時前

I think Gasol just doesn’t like to jump so no one can fake him


[–]76ers phillydoop 28 指標 9小時前

This might be more true than some of us want to admit, but at least he is tall enough that it works for him.


[–]Claws RR 16 指標 10小時前

This is why JJ was so important. The JJ Embiid hand offs drew Marc out of the paint and got Embiid going to the basket with a head full of steam.


[–]76ers phillydoop 15 指標 9小時前

Correct. And that just isn't something you can easily recreate. JJ is on the of the best shooters of all time and maybe the best off balance shooter. Which was key since the Embiid hand offs weren't always great.


[–]walodapat1 651 指標 12小時前

Marc Call me Papi Gasol right there.


[–]Wizards nova2006 295 指標 12小時前

Sixers is going to trade for Gasol


[–]76ers LeveonNumber1 24 指標 10小時前

I thought we fixed this shit when we got Horford, I guess we need to get Embiid's other Daddy Gasol over in Philly as well.


[–]Raptors jps78 123 指標 12小時前

This is the way


[–]Hornets Ochikobore 18 指標 11小時前

Honestly they should just trade away Simmons, Richardson, and Tobias Harris for a five centers lineup lol


[–]Hawks Rabidgoat1 7 指標 7小時前

Back to the 2015 Sixers lineup



[–]Bulls BigPoppaPuff 3167 指標 12小時前

Marc Gasol has had a phenomenal career.


[–]Raptors Arthurs_Boi 1217 指標 10小時前

For real, he's one of the best big men of his generation, and I can't wait to see him get inducted into the Hall of Fame.


[–]Raptors ilikeslamdunks 243 指標 9小時前

His NBA career is fringe but when you add the International play its gets into lock territory. The Championship last year didnt hurt either.


[–]Rockets Protheanate 1014 指標 8小時前*

LOL fringe?? Whos man is this

He’s been a perennial DPOY candidate, 3x All Star, multiple All NBA teams and is one of the best passing big men league history.

He was also the star on a perennial playoff team in Memphis.




[–]Raptors crazy_frog 45 指標 6小時前

He's right though, if you exclude Marc's international accolades then his NBA career in its own isn't really strong enough to be a HoF lock. He's not a perennial DPOY candidate as he's only finished top 10 in voting the year he won it. Multiple All NBA teams is 2 times, which is good but not outwardly. His stat totals aren't all that impressive either compared to other NBA exclusive HoF players.

Maybe the closest comparison in terms of NBA accolades is Mo Cheeks? And would probably consider MO as one of the weaker profiles on the HoF list.




[–]Huskies RileyCola 622 指標 8小時前*

3x all star, 2x all NBA, DPOY, first team defence, all rookie, NBA championship is what he’s won for anyone curious. Then his euro awards are Spanish league champion, MVP, all league and euroscar player of the year.


[–]Nuggets TheSupergrass 161 指標 6小時前

Yeah, that's definitely HOF material


[–]Suns RasputinSpaghetti 262 指標 8小時前

I mean Ben Wallace is a 4x DPOY, 4x All Star multiple All NBA teams and a champion as well and he isn't in. Chris Webber isn't in either. I think Marc will make it, but on the strength of just his NBA career alone it isn't an absolute lock. Add in int'l and it is.


[–][DET] Olden Polynice moonguidex 24 指標 5小時前

Ben Wallace absolutely should be in the HOF, it's insane that he isn't.


[–]Booby_McTitties 204 指標 8小時前

Ben Wallace was simultaneously the best defensive player and the worst offensive player to get significant minutes in the league.


[–]kustoo 93 指標 6小時前

Dennis Rodman has entered the chat


[–]SEE_RED 57 指標 6小時前

Rodman got buckets in his early days then he stopped. That's not Ben


[–]GjoniGjoni28 14 指標 7小時前

People that say Melo ain’t a HOFer


[–]Hawks jvstinf 49 指標 6小時前

They are stupid.


[–]Raptors cliu91 95 指標 4小時前

So happy to see him get a ring, and a ring with us nonetheless!


[–]Cavaliers DeanBlandino 12 指標 1小時前

He not only got a ring, but he was a serious contributor to that ring. Always loved his game and am so happy he got to show the world what he could do.


[–]Pistons Beast-2 121 指標 5小時前

Crazy that a pair of brothers went this crazy


[–]Trail Blazers MaynardJimmyKeenan 50 指標 4小時前

Kahwi and Meyers Leonard would like a word


[–]Raptors TheSimonToUrGarfunkl 90 指標 5小時前

I'd say Michael and Jerome Jordan were just as impressive


[–][BOS] Kevin Garnett Prince_OfCanada 4 指標 8小時前

Serious question. Which Gasol has had a better career?


[–]MrPewpyButtwhole 12 指標 8小時前

Marc with the better longevity, Pau with the higher peak.


[–]Lakers Polar_Reflection 45 指標 6小時前*

Iono if you can give Marc the better longevity award--Pau has been in the league 6 years longer than Marc and played in more 400 more games-- of course he has fallen off a cliff the last couple of years.



[–]Nuggets loplopplop 51 指標 9小時前

Everyone always asks what a great historical matchup would be but I'd love to see the grit and grind Grizzlies vs the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. I don't think the Griz would win the series by any means, but damn would that be a knock down drag out series.


[–]Mavericks mrHoohs 74 指標 9小時前

mark would not be able to stop shaq ...


[–]Grizzlies theDarkAngle 27 指標 6小時前

No and no one is claiming that exactly. But great defenses could contain shaq though especially after teams started implementing their zone-like schemes. Marc is a good starting point for defending Shaq within a team concept.

Gasol would also have posed a problem for Shaq offensively with the way he operates from the high post, and later from the three point line.



[–]Magics vanxx 21 指標 7小時前

No one stopped Shaq, but Hakeem was one of the few that was better than him when they played against each other.


[–]Trail Blazers sharpstud 13 指標 6小時前

Didn't yao match up pretty well against him too?


[–]Rularuu 18 指標 5小時前

Yao was one of the few players Shaq respected/still respects. Shaq still won most of their matchups but it was definitely close.



[–]76ers supzy0 191 指標 11小時前*

well gasol is one of the top 5 centers in the past decade or so lol, people forget how great he was during the grit n grind era


[–]Zwickz26 9 指標 10小時前

Masai acquiring Garc Masol was a brilliant move.


[–]pwd9398 464 指標 11小時前

Honeslty in the East, Gasol is worth hanging on to just to regularly son Embiid and Vucevic. Everything else is gravy


[–]45MJ23 29 指標 9小時前

I'm glad Vucevic was acknowledged. He had a very good, all-nba caliber season one season ago and has always performed well against Embiid himself. Too bad he's rarely spoken of.


[–]Magic svanxx 13 指標 7小時前

Gasol is so good against Vuc, that he decided to use voodoo to take him out of the last game. Not that he needed to, Vuc was already 1-7 when he went down.


[–][MEM] Andrew Harris onepicnerd427 203 指標 10小時前

His scoring touch ain't where it was but his D and passing are still good enough to be worth playing.

He ain't getting another 20mil a year contract but he probably has a few more years left just to son the best Cs of the east



[–]probablymade_thatup 94 指標 10小時前

Is the East just the size division? Aside from the Lakers, the West is much more oriented toward small ball, but the East has the Raps, Sixers, and Bucks who play tall ball


[–][MIL] Bill Zopf FKJVMMP 18 指標 6小時前

The Raptors’ starting back court is a pair of guys who’d be lucky to hit 6’, and we play four guard lineups with Giannis at centre semi-regularly (we had Sterling Brown on Andre Drummond for a bit against the Pistons the other day, looked hilarious).

We’re just versatile.


[–][TOR] Chauncey Billups kingcasus 72 指標 10小時前

The Raps play some small lineups a lot but with Ibaka back we’ll be playing a lot taller. Throw in Orlando who has some big lineups as well


[–]Pacers MindofShadow 47 指標 9小時前

pacers also start Turner, Sabonis, Warren with a 6'5 point guard






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